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Baby boom

Baby boom

Director (s)TF1
Actor (s) : 
Period1:10 mins
Release DateAugust 23, 2011
Production Year2011
Original titleBaby Boom

TF1 broadcast a new reality TV show. But here, no stars and celebrities, or else the stars of the real world of everyday heroes who work quietly in the strict anonymity.These heroes are expectant parents, babies ready to be born and all health care staff in the maternity hospital Poissy Saint Germain, who are the focus of Baby Boom, the new program of TF1.
A reality TV in a motherhood? Well, not quite. It is specifically in a "documentary reality" as Angela likes to clarify Lorente. 40 cameras have been integrated into several halls of motherhood to film for 20 days, moments of happiness, doubt, fear, waiting, in short, "the magic of life" as expressed by the Director of reality show on TF1. The idea of the show, inspired by a British concept that hit on Channel 4, is to track deliveries, to show birth as they happen in France, with all the stories they contain. The 40 cameras have been discreetly blended into the walls of voyeurism motherhood, far from sensational deliveries that we have the opportunity to see in movies and American series.
No, nothing is fictionalized in Baby Boom but the winks to the series that make the hospital lovely hour of TV last ten years are numerous. Because it's not just babies and their parents-at the center of the program, the health care team also draws largely out of the game Immersion in the staff room, little stories with colleagues, great moments of union with the mothers, midwives, auxiliary nurses, nursery nurses, anesthetists (among others) are at the heart of the nest of life. The whole rhythm as one of the series we love us with background music and voice canon specifically identifiable as it is the French voice of Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy!
The characters come and go, the 'teen age 16 will give birth to her first child, the couple look forward to the birth of their twins desired for so long ... And as before a series, the focus inevitably. We smile, even laugh really, and you cry sometimes, because after all Baby-Boom that's life.

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